A report from the Financial Times says that Twitter may be considering including “promoted tweets,” or ads, in user’s timelines.

Currently, promoted tweets are sent to the top of a user’s stream in searches. Promoted trends — often promoting products — also appear at the top of the site’s list of trending topics.

According to the report, unnamed people “familiar with the situation” said that these tweets will now appear in user’s main timelines and may also keep older, promoted messages at the top of brands that users follow.

The company has already been testing this feature in HootSuite, but has not expanded that feature to its Web site or other clients.

Twitter has faced backlash in the past over its attempts to mon­etize its service. Most recently, the company put the Quick Bar in its mobile iOS application to show off trending topics, including paid, promoted trends. It was quickly removed from the app after users complained that it was obtrusive.

When asked about the report, Twitter spokesman Matt Graves said, “We are always talking with marketers about ways they could potentially get more out of Twitter. Some of these discussed concepts may materialize; others will not. However, one concept that will not materialize is the ability to edit Tweets about a brand.”

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