Attendees mingle during a break at the first Chirp, Twitter Developer's Conference in San Francisco in 2010. Twitter hasn’t announced a repeat. (By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Citing three unnamed sources “familiar with the plans,” the report says that the new service would address common user complaints about the microblogging service, such as the character limit and steep learning curve.

Ubermedia is said to be in talks to acquire TweetDeck, one of the most popular Twitter apps out there.

The developer’s move highlights an interesting dynamic emerging between Twitter and app developers, which has turned a bit frosty.

Three of Ubermedia’s apps were briefly blocked from Twitter in February for violating its policies. Shortly after that, Twitter told developers that it wasn’t in their best interests to keep making apps duplicating the service, but to concentrate on other ways to use Twitter content. And Twitter hasn’t announced a second Chirp conference, a meeting for developers that it hosted this time last year.

What are you major gripes with Twitter? Would you consider moving to a new service?

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