Meg Whitman, former chief executive officer of EBay Inc. may be named as chief executive of HP after the markets close on Thrusday. (Matthew Staver/BLOOMBERG)

Citing multiple unnamed “sources close to the situation,” the report said that the company will officially announce the switch after Wall Street’s closing bell. Apotheker has been HP’s chief executive for just under a year — the company has had seven CEOs since 1999.

Whitman, the former chief executive at eBay, has been working as a consultant since losing her Republican bid to be California’s governor. While earlier reports had indicated that HP’s board would appoint Whitman for a short-term position at its meeting Thursday, All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher said that Whitman will be in for the long haul.

The New York Times reported that HP’s board is troubled to the point of being dysfunctional due to infighting. According to the report, H-P’s board hired Apotheker despite the fact that most of the board had not met him, after the ouster of Mark Hurd as chief executive.

A spokesman for HP declined to comment on the report.