Students may soon be able to pick up a laptop for far less than the cost of an average textbook. Multiple reports say that Google is planning to launch a program to offer Chrome laptops to students for between $10 and $20 a month.

Citing an unnamed Google executive, Forbes reported the offer will have hardware and software services, similar to Google Apps, and is probably foreshadowing a bundled offering for small businesses.

The company is expected to announce the program Wednesday at the second day of its I/O Developers Conference.

The leased laptop will probably be barebones and rely mostly on cloud storage, which Google already offers in abundance for e-mail, pictures, documents and now music.

Google has offered up it Cr-48 laptop to select users for free in the past, but there are no details yet about how similar the student laptops may be to those computers.

Do you think $20 a month is a good deal for a basic laptop? And would you trust all that information in the cloud?

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