2K Games paid for #AlwaysBetOnDuke to be a trending topic Tuesday on Twitter, but it seems its money could have been better spent on hiring some good writers.

Duke Nukem had over a decade of hype to live up to — which would have been hard for any game — but it seems to have completely dropped the ball for these reviewers.

“For the most part, the thought that will run through your head is: ‘This is what they were working on all this time?’” wrote an incredulous Chris Kohler at Wired.


That sentiment was echoed by Techland’s Evan Narcisse, who said, “The worst part of this Duke Nukem's overwhelming awfulness is that there are germs of funny ideas in the game.”

IGN gave the game one of its highest reviews at 5.5 out of 10, saying that the shooting portions of the game are simple fun.

“What falters is about everything else,” reviewer Charles Onyett wrote, going on to say that the story mode feels bloated, the gameplay is glitchy and parts of the game meant to showcase its creativity fall flat.

And the humor in the game, he said, is just “embarrassing.”

Ars Technica’s Ben Kuchera, who also found the game unplayable because of endless glitches, took it a step further: “This is an ugly game that exists to celebrate ugliness. The people involved should be ashamed.”

Of course, much of this won’t matter to the hardcore Duke fans who, if we’re honest, are the main people who are going to buy this game.

Weigh in: Have you played? Will you?

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