The T-Mobile G-Slate comes out Wednesday, for $529.99, with a two-year data contract and a $100 mail-in rebate.

The company officially announced the date and pricing Tuesday morning:

It’s Official, T-Mobile G-Slate: Arrives April 20, $529.99. than a minute ago via CoTweet Favorite Retweet ReplyT-Mobile USA

There aren’t many reviews out there yet, but here’s a quick roundup of what the 4G Honeycomb tablet has to offer:

Hardware: Solid. Over all, reviewers liked the feel of the tablet and were very complimentary about its specs, particularly the Tegra 2 processor. GigaOm’s Kevin Tofel was particularly taken with the G-Slate’s three speakers. Battery life tests from Engadget’s Tim Stevens showed a battery life comparable to the Xoom, but two hours shorter than the iPad 2.

Former Endgadget editor Joshua Topolsky, found the tablet awkward to hold, as did SlashGear reviewer Vincent Nguyen,particularly one-handed. Still, the only major hardware problem reviewers pointed out was the front-facing camera, which many said was strangely off-center.

Software: Needs some work. For one, there just aren’t that many Honeycomb apps out there, and reviewers said a lot of the apps on the Android Market just don’t translate well to the tablet. Tofel said that the apps that come with tablet work great and are “a joy,” but echoed the general consensus that Honeycomb needs to catch up to its tablets.

In terms of aesthetics, PCMag’s Tim Gideon and Sascha Segan mentioned that the home screen seems especially busy.

3-D, picture quality: A gimmick, at best. For one, it requires glasses, and the effect just doesn’t sound like it’s that good. Nguyen said the effect is better on a 3D TV, but that the feature probably won’t see much use.

The tablet got mediocre reviews for stills and 2D video, but reviewers said it’s certainly good enough for video chat.

Bottom line: Overall, the early reviews indicate it’s a good competitor for the Xoom, but still not to the level of the iPad 2. Many of the tablet’s biggest issues seem to be more Honeycomb’s problem than the G-Slate’s. That said, it seems the G-Slate has a lot of promise and is a good value with T-Mobile’s subsidies.

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