At BlackBerry World, Research in Motion’s annual conference, and Microsoft announced they will team up to take on Google in the mobile sphere.

According to a tweet from tech analyst Michael Gartenberg at the conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced Tuesday that Bing will be the default engine for search and maps.

Bing is now default search and map app for BlackBerry. Integrated into BB experience at OS level. #bbwc11less than a minute ago via ÜberSocial Favorite Retweet ReplyMichael Gartenberg

As Mashable pointed out, The BlackBerry PlayBook, Research in Motion’s tablet, shipped with Bing as its default search engine and mapping software, but there had been no formal announcement of an agreement until today.

According to PCMag, Ballmer said that Microsoft will invest in the BlackBerry platform in addition to the Windows Phone platform, and ran a demo showing off deep Bing integration with a BlackBerry Torch. Microsoft showed off a Bing search bar and alert bar were at the bottom of the phone’s lock screen, a local restaurant search and a coupon search.

BlackBerry users: Are you happy about this switch to Bing?

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