Another day, another fresh crop of iPhone 5 rumors. It seems the speculation about Apple’s next iPhone is flying thick and fast again as Apple stores are reportedly preparing for a big in-store event to mark the 10th anniversary of its retail presence on Thursday.

So let’s get right to it, shall we?

iPhone 4S: Forbes reported Friday that, according to Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek, the next iPhone will be called the 4S and will include “minor cosmetic changes, better cameras, A5 dual-processor and HSPA+ support” but no LTE.

NFC: Will it or won’t it? Near-field technology has been the source of the most fevered iPhone speculation, but the latest suggests that the next iPhone will not have an NFC chip. All Things Digital’s John Paczkowski predicts that Apple will probably wait until the technology becomes more popular before it adds the tech into its phone.

Big-screen: Leaked cases for the next-generation iPhone suggest that the next handset may have a larger, edge-to-edge screen. Over at Electronista, they’ve found a case on a Chinese Web site that shows off a larger iPhone screen, but of course it could be a fake. Plus, even if it’s a legitimate case it could have been changed.

Cameras: PCWorld rehashed the idea that the next iPhone will have an 8MP camera with its Tuesday report, which cited a memo from FBR Capital Markets. The handset currently has a 5 MP camera, but in April, Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer made a comment about the company making its “best cameras” for Apple that led many to believe Sony is prepping an 8MP camera for the next iPhone.

Case details from Electronista also point to a relocated flash for the phone, moving it from right next to the camera to the the opposite top corner, possibly to avoid light leak.

Chinese site has released some pictures of supposed Apple camera modules without integrated LED lights that seem to lend some weight to this claim. But Ars Technica reported that it’s far from convinced on the design change.

Release date: Most signs point to a fall release for the next iPhone, and British gadget site T3 reported Tuesday that a UK retailer has leaked the release date as Nov. 21.

Sprint, T-Mobile: In the same note about the 4S, Misek said that Apple may add Sprint, T-Mobile and China Mobile as new carriers, maybe adding the two American carriers before the holidays. PCWorld added some fuel to this fire Tuesday, citing a research note from FBR Capital Markets, which said the next iPhone will have a dual GSM/CDMA chip, eliminating the need to make multiple phones for multiple networks. And according to the blog Stop it, AT&T, a job ad appeared calling for a Kansas City-area carrier engineer familiar with a variety of networks including Sprint’s CDMA network. The ad has since changed to call for someone near Apple’s campus in Cupertino, Calif.

There you have it: the latest iPhone 5/4S speculation all in one post. At the rate these are popping up, that should hold us until at least next week or so.

What would you like to see in the next iPhone?

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