Samsung cited a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey in its patent complaint against Apple. (AP)

The court’s ruling represents another win for Apple, which filed the complaint against Samsung for its Galaxy S, Galaxy SII and Ace smartphones. Patent expert and blogger Florian Mueller broke the news that the ruling only affects Samsung’s subsidiaries in the Netherlands, which it uses as a European hub, so the company will likely have to rework its supply lines.

The BBC reported that the case upheld one of the Apple patent issues, while rejecting several others, including the assertion that Samsung had stolen design ideas from Apple.

Meanwhile, Samsung has raised an interesting legal point in its iPad/Galaxy Tab complaint — namely that Apple didn’t invent the form of the tablet computer, Stanley Kubrick did.

You read that right. According to court filings from Samsung posted by Muller, the company is arguing that there’s a prior art case to be made about the design of the iPad — in other words, that Apple’s patent in question was for something obvious and not novel.

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