Skype released its first iPad app on Aug. 1, then re-released it Aug. 2. (DENIS BALIBOUSE/REUTERS)

The online-calling company announced its intent to release the app in June, but faced delays. In fact, the app even went live late Monday night before being pulled back and re-released Tuesday morning.

When asked about the launch fumble, a Skype spokesperson pointed to the company’s Twitter feed, which said that app was accidentally released early.

Skype is a natural fit for the iPad, and a clear competitor to Apple’s own Facetime application, now that it’s been optimized for the tablet’s screen. If you’re in a Mac-only family, Facetime is probably easier to use, but you can’t connect to your non-Mac friends and family.

The app also gives users the ability to call cellphones and land lines, talk over WiFi or 3G and use instant messages — which, granted could be awkward on the tablet. Check out Skype’s demonstration video below:

Skype is expanding it services while in the process of being acquired by Apple’s arch-nemesis Microsoft. It also recently inked a deal to integrate with Facebook.

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