On Sunday, millions went through the annual rite of springing forward their clocks for daylight saving time. But some iPhone users are reporting yet another glitch as their handsets deal with the time switch: Some phones set the clocks back an hour instead of going forward. This is the third time that Apple devices had alarm problems; users also reported problems in the fall and over the new year.

Early reports said the glitch affected only Verizon iPhones, but AT&T users have also reported issues. Not all phones were affected, and the new iPad 2 seems to have figured out the time change. Those affected can fix the problem by simply restarting their phones or putting them in and out of airplane mode.

My iPhone alarm failed me. Clock reset to Standard Time. Back to DST after airplane mode on/off. Thanks Apple!Mon Mar 14 11:58:45 via Twitter for iPhoneJayant J Pichamuthu

Others have suggested investing in an alarm clock.

Even more infuriating, some users from Canada are reporting on Twitter this morning that their phones successfully navigated the switch only to reset incorrectly this morning.

Did your iPhone screw up your schedule this weekend?

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