Sony’s online entertainment division, which offers popular subscription-based online role-playing games such as EverQuest and DC Universe Online, shut down its site Monday over concern about an “issue” during an investigation of an earlier security breach, the division's Web site said.

This is the second division of Sony that has been taken down in the last two weeks. Sony’s PlayStation Network was hit with a cyber attack on April 17, forcing the company to shut down the network. Millions of customers’ personal data was stolen in the attack, including, some believe, credit card information. On Monday morning, Sony video game president Kazuo Hirai apologized for that breach.

A spokesman for Sony Corp. said the latest suspension was not prompted by a second attack, the Associated Press reported.

Sony Online Entertainment, which said it had discovered “an issue that warrants enough concern for us to take the service down effective immediately,” has promised to update consumers on the servers’ status some time Monday.

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