A lawsuit filed against Sony says it spent more money on securing company data than consumer data. (YURIKO NAKAO/REUTERS)

The lawsuit was filed by Felix Cortorreal, Jacques Daoud Jr. and Jimmy Cortorreal, three men from New York who were members of the PlayStation network when the breach occurred.

The suit alleges the company laid off “a number” of employees in its Network Operations Center, which is responsible for preparing for and defending against cyber attacks. The suit cites a confidential witness who claims to be familiar with the company’s actions.

It also claims that Sony spent more money securing its corporate data than it did on securing customer data and that it did not do enough to protect its consumers.

The class-action lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court of Southern California, claims the company knew that it was at risk for an attack and did not do enough to protect customer data.

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