Kazuo Hirai, president and chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and executive vice president of Sony Corp., bows during a news conference in Tokyo. (Tomohiro Ohsumi/BLOOMBERG)

The PlayStation Network (PSN), which has been offline following an attack that leaked millions of consumers’ personal data is expected to be at least partially restored some time this week. But SOE only said that its services would be back up “soon.”

The division is notifying customers who may have been affected by the hack through e-mail sent a third-party distributor. E-mails from SOE will contain either “soe.innovyx.net” or “soe.sony.com” in the sender field.

As for a few more details about the attack, Sony said that the SOE incident was not a new attack, but another similar attack discovered in the course of investigation into the PSN breach. SOE had originally reported that no customer data had been extracted in the attack, then changed its story in a May 2 release.

The division said that the perpetrators used sophisticated techniques to cover their tracks, which is why Sony did not initially know that SOE data had also been stolen.

Both the PSN and SOE have announced “make good” gestures for their customers, offering a month of some services to all members, as well as additional free days for subscribers make up the days lost while the company investigates the breach.

SOE has also outlined the plan to compensate players of its DC Universe Online game — in addition to 30 days of subscription credit and being compensated for days the network is down, players will also get a Batman-inspired mask when the game is up again.

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