Sony said that it will have all U.S. PlayStation Network services restored by the end of the week. (YURIKO NAKAO/REUTERS)

Sony had previously promised to have all services up and running by the end of the month, following its security breach and three-week outage.

The company said that customers will be able to use all PlayStation Store functions, including the ability to redeem vouchers and codes and the rollout of its “Welcome Back” program. In-game payments, Music Unlimited for PS3, PSP, Vaio and other PCs and Music Go also will be up and running, the company said.

There is still no scheduled date for restoration of the PlayStation Network in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, or for other Qriocity services.

In its release announcing the restoration of service, Sony said that its network entertainment company has “implemented considerable security enhancements” to its network — something it will need as the larger company continues to be the target of smaller cyberattacks..

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