Spotify, the music-streaming service that’s all the rage in Europe, has been promising a U.S. launch forever, but it may actually be edging toward that goal.

On Wednesday, the service opened a U.S. site that lets users register their e-mail addresses to be notified when the service is available.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Spotify has locked down agreements with Universal Music Group, EMI Group and Sony Music Entertainment, but has yet to seal a deal with Warner Music Group, which would give it access to the four biggest catalogs of music in the United States.

The company recently halved the amount of listening time that users in Europe could access without paying a subscription. But until the product actually goes live across the Atlantic, it’s not known whether it will use that model or choose one that would be more competitive with other services in the United States, such as Pandora.

I’ll believe a Spotify launch when I see it. But for its sake, I hope this long-awaited product launch will be more like that of the white iPhone rather than Duke Nukem Forever.

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