Some Sprint customers who’ve integrated their accounts with Google Voice are finding unexpected charges. (By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The service integrating Sprint and Google Voice went live this month, allowing Sprint customers to use the Web-based features of the service such as visual voicemail and e-mailed text messages. Customers had the option of either making their Sprint number their Google Voice number or changing their Sprint number to a Web-based number from Google.

Customers who’ve picked the second option are reporting that they’ve been eating through their minutes on calls with other Sprint customers, because the Google Voice calls are recognized as originating from landlines.

According to Sprint representatives posting on customer service forums, the company has no plans to change this designation.

“Sorry to disappoint but I’m told that there are no plans to change this for option 2,” a Sprint administrator said on customer forums. “The Google Voice number is not a mobile number and is relegated to landline rating rules. This is a reason to leverage the Sprint wireless number as your primary number (option 1).

Have you had billing problems with Sprint and Google Voice integration?

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