Sprint has started rolling out Google Voice integration

The company sent out e-mails to customers who had asked to be notified when Sprint started its integration. Sprint customers will have full access to Voice’s web features, including visual voicemail and, of course, the convenience of having one number ring all your phones.

Those interested in the service have two options for integration. You can either port your Sprint number to Google Voice or pick a Google Voice number for your default digits, which will show up on caller ID.

Either way, Google Voice will take the place of Sprint’s voicemail and international calls from Sprint phones will be made over Google Voice. Integration will not affect Sprint’s Any Mobile Any Time feature, the e-mail said.

Those already using the service can use their existing Google Voice numbers. If you use the Android Google Voice app, you’ll need to log out and back in to make sure the app stops intercepting your calls.

If you decide to change your Google Voice number to your Sprint number, you have three months to let people know about the switch before it expires.

All this is much cleaner than using the Google Voice porting feature, which requires users to cancel their current phone contracts.

According to Android Central, a leaked flyer from Sprint pegs the official release date for next Tuesday.

Have you been picked to try out Google Voice for Sprint? What do you think so far?

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