Sprint got some good news today — its customers are among the happiest in the industry.

In surprising results from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Sprint is tied with Verizon as the top-rated carrier for customer satisfaction. Both companies got a score of 72 out of 100.

Just three years ago, the Sprint had a score of 59 in the same survey, according to the report. In fact, it’s the only one of the big four mobile companies to see an uptick in consumer satisfaction this year.

T-Mobile customers also rated their mobile company fairly high — and within the study’s 3-point margin of error — with a score of 69.

Rounding out the bottom is AT&T, with a score of 66. That’s its worst score since 2006, though it hasn’t seen many subscribers leave.

The scores for AT&T and T-Mobile both fell three points from last year. Those changes are within the margin of error, but it doesn’t bode well for what will happen to customer satisfaction if the mega-merger is approved.

According to the report, customer satisfaction almost always falls after a merger as the newly-joined companies try to work out their differences.

Do you agree with this survey? What do you think about your carrier’s customer service?

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