Square is looking to revolutionize the way you pay for everything. The mobile-payments company announced a new initiative Monday at TechCrunch Disrupt, the tech blog’s annual conference, called Square Card Case, which includes a way to let consumers pay for goods without having to use their credit cards.

The product lets you fill an iPhone screen that looks like a wallet with the “cards” of companies that accept Square payments. You can open virtual tabs at these stores, so that when you approach the cash register with your items, the cashier only has to ask who you are and check against a photo the merchant has that’s linked to your name. You’ll also be able to store receipts, look at menus and see what others are buying around you.

The company also announced a Register app for businesses that lets owners manage inventory and promotions and track customer behavior.

Would you feel comfortable making your phone your wallet? Sound off in the comments.

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