BlackBerry is still king in DC. Above, Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of engineering at Google Inc., speaks during a keynote address at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco on May 10. (David Paul Morris/BLOOMBERG)

A fun study from Jumptap, a mobile advertising firm, shows that people in the northern United States are far more likely to click on ads for the iPhone, while those in the South tend to click on ads for Android phones.

The separation lines aren’t absolute by any means — northern Android states include Microsoft’s home state of Washington, while Louisiana is an iOS island — but the map is clear that Apple’s got a hold on the Midwest and Northeast, while Google is stronger in the South.

D.C., Virginia and Maryland are still clicking on BlackBerry ads, as are New York, the Dakotas, South Carolina, Nebraska and Oregon.

Apple has recently emerged as the world’s most popular smartphone maker, but Android, with its many phones, remains the country’s leading smartphone platform. And a recent Pew study showed that one-third of all American adults own a smartphone. Older and richer Americans preferred iPhones or BlackBerrys, while younger buyers and African Americans showed a distinct preference for Google’s platform, the study found.

And who’s got higher click-throughs in Apple and Google’s home state of California?

Sorry, Cupertino, that prize goes to Mountain View.

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