T-Mobile rolled out new Value plans that are candid about their tiering. (Balint Porneczi/BLOOMBERG)

The company introduced a new structure of two-year Value plans, which come with 2GB, 5 GB and 10GB of data. Past those marks, T-Mobile will throttle back the speed of your connection, but at least they’re not charging overage fees.

Complete pricing for the plans hasn’t been announced yet, but the information out there sounds potentially appealing: customers can get two lines with unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data for $100 per month.

The plans will roll out along side T-Mobile’s existing “Even More” plans, which will rebranded as Classic plans, and will be available next week on July 24.

If you want completely unlimited data, Sprint is still your best and only bet, though a unlimited text, talk and data plan will set you back for $100 per month, plus Sprint’s $10 premium data smartphone fee.

The number-three carrier recently introduced throttled plans for its Virgin Mobile pre-paid plans, setting off speculation that it could at least be thinking about switching its all-you-can-eat data model.

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