A pedestrian walks past a T-Mobile USA store in New York last month. (Jin Lee/BLOOMBERG)

T-Mobile introduced a new unlimited plan Wednesday morning, though it will continue to throttle data use over 2 GB per month.

The new Even More plan costs $79.99 a month and won’t charge consumers overage fees for calling, texting and data usage. It requires a two-year contract.

The plans is available for a limited time. T-Mobile has said it will honor any plans made before the company’s proposed merger with AT&T. AT&T’s plans tend to be pricier than T-Mobile’s, so if you’re interested in one you might want to lock it in now.

Correction: This post originally reported that T-Mobile was offering a $59.99 throttled unlimited data plan for month-to month customers. A T-Mobile spokesman has confirmed that the company is not offering that plan.

References to the other plan have been removed from the original post.

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