Oh, Valve. Not only did the company release a huge update Thursday with a bunch of new abilities and weapons, the company also announced that it’s making the game free to play indefinitely.

For those who haven’t played Team Fortress 2, the game is a first-person shooter that lets gamers choose from nine classes. Players are put into two teams that compete in online multiplayer missions. And, as you can tell from the video above, the game has a unique, cartoonish art style.

Already paying for Team Fortress 2? Congratulations, you now have a premium account. That entitles you to more slots in your inventory, access to rare items and more crafting and trading abilities. You also get a special Proof of Purchase hat to wear in-game.

Don’t worry that a free account is going to limit you, however: Valve promises that all “game modes, classes, maps and “nearly every weapon” can be obtained through free gameplay.

Those who buy a retail copy of the game will automatically be given a premium account. For a free account, download the game through Valve’s Steam gaming platform for the PC and Mac.

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