Valve is rolling out an “Uber Update” to its multiplayer first-person shooter Team Fortress 2 on Thursday, calling it its biggest and most ambitious update in the game’s history.

To celebrate the update, the company is offering the game for free to play and download through Sunday.

Valve has been promising cool new features coming in the update, including new weapons and abilities for several of its classes, as well as a new payload map. In a desert-themed post Tuesday, the company revealed the sniper and the demoman will be getting new swords, while in a Monday mobster-themed post, the company detailed wicked new abilities for the heavy and the spy.

The company also gave out some clues as to one of the biggest surprises in the update — the next video short will be “Meet the Medic,” highlighting the abilities of the medic class in the game.

If you’ve never played Team Fortress 2, get a glimpse of its style and humor here with their last “Meet the...” video, but be aware there is some violence.

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