Apple released the white iPhone 4 on April 28, 2011

“Finally,” the ad started.

The company started selling the white version of the iPhone 4 — same phone, different casing — online and in stores on Thursday after a ten-month delay.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and senior vice president Phillip Schiller told All Things Digital that the white iPhone was held up by “unexpected interactions” between the white casing and some internal components.

Schiller also said the white version of the phone needed more UV protection from the sun.

There were few Twitter reports of long lines for the phone in the U.S, but PCWorld reported that hundreds lined up in Beijing to get their hands on the phone.

Did you head out to buy the white iPhone today? Let us know in the comments.

Amazing how much stuff I can get done when I’m the only one in line for a white iPhone 4... #takethatasyouwishThu Apr 28 13:24:49 via Twitter for MacRene Ritchie

If anyone is wondering if the Shelby NC AT&T store has a line for the white iPhone, it doesn’t. Not even me.Thu Apr 28 12:37:21 via Twitter for iPhoneJohn O’Malley

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