TiVo won a big victory today against Dish Network and EchoStar that could force Dish Network to shut down older models of DVR boxes.

But Dish customers shouldn’t worry yet; the company said that existing customers will not be immediately affected by the decision.

A panel of U.S. federal appeals judges ruled that EchoStar and Dish Network violated a court injunction that barred the companies from using recorded television technology in Dish set-top boxes, the Associated Press reported.

The case has been going on for years, since TiVo sued the other companies in 2004. Dish Network and EchoStar said in a joint statement that they will appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a statement, TiVo said it was pleased with the decision. “We look forward to the permanent injunction against EchoStar and Dish Network finally being enforced with respect to the DVRs they must now disable,” the company said.

The judges have left the decision over whether current set-top boxes still violate TiVo’s patent to a lower court.