Apple market share: Apple’s market share of the world PC market has reportedly hit a 15-year high, according to an analyst note from Needham and Co., GigaOm reported. The company now holds about 5.2 percent of the worldwide market, growing 24.6 percent in the past year. Compared with the overall market’s 5.3 percent growth in the past year, that makes Apple look very good, indeed.

LivingSocial Black Friday: LivingSocial, the D.C.-based daily deals site, is prepping for the biggest shopping week of the season and ON Monday announced several national deals in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The company revealed it would be offering half-off deals with companies including Verizon Wireless, Office Max, Electronic Arts, Sketchers, BlueFly and Skype.

(LivingSocial is run by Tim O’Shaughnessy, who is Post. Co. Chairman and Chief Executive Donald E. Graham’s son-in-law.)

Galaxy Nexus: The Galaxy Nexus, the Samsung handset that’s the first phone to ship with Android 4.0 (a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich), has hit some early hiccups. A select group of users are reporting a strange problem with the volume control on the phone that is making it occasionally unusable. The problem, according to reports on the Samsung UK Facebook page and on developer forums, is very specific, but widespread on a 2G band. Apparently the volume control changes erratically when the phone is on 2G in the 900 Mhz frequency, which is common throughout Europe. Users can’t control the volume with the hardware controls and are unable to make calls.

You can see an example of the bug here, in a video uploaded to YouTube:

iPad 3 rumors: Another week, another Apple rumor. This time the speculation making the rounds through the tech press is focusing on the thickness of Apple’s next iPad, which iLounge reports could be .7 mm thicker than the iPad 2.

Citing “our most reliable source,” iLounge’s editor-in-chief Jeremy Horowitz said that the tablet will get the extra girth thanks to twin light-bars necessary to support a higher-resolution display. The report said that the tablet is scheduled for a March release — the usual for Apple up to this point — though it speculated that it could be “publicly shown as early as January.”

AT&T fends off hacking: AT&T has reached out to its wireless customers to let them know that the company was recently hit with an “organized” hacking attempt to collect online information. No accounts were breached, said AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel. In an e-mailed statement from AT&T, Siegel said, “The people in question appear to have used ‘auto script’ technology to determine whether AT&T telephone numbers were linked to online AT&T accounts.” He declined to comment on how AT&T detected the attack.

Google lowers Chromebook price: Google’s browser-in-a-box just got a bit more appealing. The company announced a holiday surprise Monday, saying that it has dropped the price of its Chromebook laptop computer to $299.

The search giant announced the price cut as part of a more comprehensive announcement about a Chromebook makeover, which aims to streamline the log-in process and make it easier to manage apps, bookmarks and favorite Web sites. The biggest news, however, is the price cut, which shaves a hefty chunk off the Samsung Chromebook’s original $429 and Acer Chromebook’s original $349 price tags.

Bill Gates testifies in monopoly case:Bill Gates has been called to testify in a Utah court over a monopoly case against Microsoft that refuses to fade away. The case, which has roots stretching back to 1995, involves questions about Microsoft’s alleged anti-competitive practices when dealing with WordPerfect software maker Novell.