The Hewlett Packard TouchPad will live on and on.... (AP)

HP’s failure is now a huge success at $99, priced to move so quickly that you probably can’t find one right now.

It’s an interesting idea to run out and buy a tablet that’s being abandoned by its company — though HP spokeswoman Marlene Somsak has said the company will provide continuing support for the TouchPad. If I were a new TouchPad opener, I’d recommend using the tablet as a bedside video viewer/alarm clock, similar to the Sony Dash. Also, the TouchPad will play videos from Hulu, which makes it fairly unique. The TouchPad also has an inductive charger accessory, which makes it easy to prop up by the bed.

There are other plans for the now-defunct tablet. One modding collective is offering up to $1,500 to anyone who can get Google’s Android system running on the TouchPad, while another group — TouchDroid — is gathering developers to set up a working port.

Speaking of developers, Microsoft is wooing all those WebOS developers in limbo while HP tries to decide what to do with the highly reviewed system.

Brandon Watson, who’s in charge of developer experience for the Windows Phone, tweeted that he’d received over 1,000 e-mails from WebOS developers after putting out a call for those looking to jump ship on his feed Thursday.

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