Twitter for Mac got a redesign Thursday that added a couple of features and changed the overall look of the app.

As of this update, usernames and hashtags will auto-complete as you type and users can view several timelines at once in multiple windows, giving it TweetDeck-like feel.

Twitter for Mac now supports multiple windows

The app has also added a separate New Tweet button and an opaque navigation bar that lets you revisit previous pages. The new app adds some needed functionality, but some users aren’t happy about the way it looks.

“I liked the sleek look that the plain black and white had that was on my desktop, but now, that obtrusive grey bar at the top is just heinous,” said one user on the program’s App Store page. “Bring back the old window design please. It just doesn't look professional anymore.”

Have you messed around with the updated app? What do you think about the changes?

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