Twitter said about 40 percent of its active users aren’t tweeting, just listening

But not all of those people are actively sending messages, the company said. About 40 percent of Twitter’s active users are signing in just to observe.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo broke the numbers down even further in a press briefing Thursday, Mashable reported. The service has 200 million registered accounts, and the 100 million figure marks an 82 percent increase from the beginning of 2011. Mobile use is also on the rise, Costolo said. About 55 million users hit Twitter from their mobile phone or tablet, while now sees 400 million visitors a month.

The post from Twitter also held a couple of fun facts about just who makes up the active user base. Each of the 50 top-rated Nielsen TV shows has a Twitter account, as do 87 percent of top Billboard-rated artists. Two-thirds of the NBA are active on Twitter, and every team in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS has an account. American non-profit groups are also very well-represented on Twitter, with almost all of the top 200 groups tweeting, the company said.

For politics junkies, Twitter also boasts active accounts from thirty-five global heads of state, every Cabinet agency and 84 percent of state governors.

Costolo said the company is making a push for more ad revenue, but isn’t likely to push for its IPO in the next year, the Associated Press reported.

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