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Five years ago today, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent out his first tweet to someone other than himself, co-founder Biz Stone and Twitter engineer Florian Leibert. The tweet simply read, “inviting co-workers” and marked the birth of what would become a social phenomenon.

The micro-blogging site was originally panned for being little more than a vehicle for narcissists. And while it’s arguably still more noise than value, there’s no denying that — with a few tools — the service has evolved into something far more than a way to share what you had for breakfast.

Now valued in the billions, Twitter has played prominent roles in social movements, revolutions, social outreach, disaster recovery and journalism. This past month, Twitter users sent an average of 140 million tweets per day.

For a good read, turn to Dorsey’s Twitter account (@jack) and tumblr, where he has been outlining the history of the company.

#5yrs ago, I had a few big tasks ahead. 1: deploy to production. 2: get SMS send working. 3: invite coworkers. #twttrless than a minute ago via Twitter for MacJack Dorsey

What are your favorite memories of the service? Twitter users are sharing their thoughts today using the tag #5yrs:

Do you use Twitter? When did you start your account?

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