Twitter co-founder Biz Stone shrugged off a negative cover story published Thursday in Fortune by saying that bad press is just part of being a successful company.

“What took so long for somebody to write the article that says we are falling apart?” Stone asked Thursday in a blog post. “The normal press cycle is to put a company on a pedestal and then knock it down. It’s much more interesting that way.”

Outlining the company’s history through its many, short-lived CEOs, Fortune’s “Trouble@Twitter”painted a grim picture of the Twitter leadership as lacking a unifying vision. It said the company is floundering as new users drop off.

Twitter has shown signs of growing pains after a scorching start. The company has faced backlash from users as it tries to figure out how to mon­etize its product. The disastrous “quickbar” the company introduced in its iPhone app was quickly redesigned and then pulled after Twitter users objected to intrusive ads.

And there are some indications that the social network is looking for strong leadership, since Twitter co-founder and first chief executive Jack Dorsey returned to the company in March to head product management.

Stone said those issues are part of the business.

“Twitter is an important company, and it’s under scrutiny from journalists — this is exactly how it’s supposed to work,” Stone wrote on the blog. “Now it’s our job to prove the reporters wrong so they can write an article later about how we have made dramatic progress.”

What do you think? Is Stone’s media analysis right on? Or is his cool nonchalance a form of damage control?

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