Under Armour, the sports apparel company, is asking those interested in its summer internship to forego the traditional application and apply via Facebook with a 140-character cover letter.

The Baltimore-based company isn’t the only firm embracing social media and ditching the traditional cover letter.

InternMatch.com launched an initiative called 500 Interns aimed at encouraging students to apply by social media instead. The site is offering 30 internships at tech start-ups, and no cover letters are allowed.

Applicants are encouraged to make videos, Web sites or use social networks such as Quora or Twitter to get their information out to potential summer employers.

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Along with Under Armour internships, others up for grabs include stints at tech start-ups such as SlideShare, Crave and Baydin.

Job applicants are already encouraged to have Web sites, meticulously curated social network profiles and social media skills to compete in today’s market. This may be the next step in building a personal brand.

Do you think the traditional cover letter should be put out to pasture?