Valve, the game company behind Steam, Half-Life and Portal, is known for being cryptic from time to time. But a ridiculously complex augmented reality game in advance of its release of Portal 2 takes the cake.

Since April 1, the company has been hiding cryptic messages and Easter eggs in games on its Steam platform, sending gamers on a treasure hunt to investigate what exactly the company is trying to tell them.

The game has sent players all over the Web to decipher pictures with hidden messages, sound files and hieroglyphics hidden in other games. One gamer even went to latitude/longitude coordinates the group found, which led to a game company in Netherlands, where he found a message from Valve attached to the top of a light pole.

You can check out the complicated investigation history on a wiki set up by those solving the puzzles.

It seems like Valve is about to reward all the gamers’ investigations, and it looks like it could mean an early release for its long-awaited game.

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