Verizon leads the wireless industry in customer satisfaction for contract customers, while Sprint’s Boost Mobile leads the way in the prepaid market. (Nick Ut/AP)

Big Red edged out T-Mobile by four points with a score of 770 out of 1000 in the company’s semi-annual survey.

The industry average was 762 of 1000. Sprint followed T-Mobile with a score of 752, with AT&T right behind with a score of 751.

Verizon has come out on or near the top in quite a few customer surveys in recent years, though Sprint was the surprise winner in this year’s American Consumer Survey Institute report.

The survey also found that contract-based customers are, on the whole, much happier than prepaid, non-contract customers.

The highest-rated prepaid company was Sprint-owned Boost Mobile, which posted a score of 763 — far above the industry average of 709.

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