After getting involved in a matching set of lawsuits with Time Warner Cable over Time Warner’s iPad app, Viacom has asked Cablevision to pull the programming company’s content from the Cablevision iPad app.

Multichannel News reported that Viacom has not yet sent Cablevision a cease-and-desist letter, but has sent the company a statement asking for the content to be pulled.

According to the report, Cablevision believes that the app “simply turns the iPad into another television in the home, and one it is worth noting our customers are finding particularly enjoyable and easy to use."

That’s essentially the same argument that Time Warner used when answering Viacom’s objections to its mobile application.

Do you think customers should have the right to watch cable over their iPads while in their homes? Or do the programmers have a right to control which devices are used to watch their shows?

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