Virgin Mobile said current Beyond Talk customers can keep their plans. (Amy Sancetta/AP)

The prepaid plans with unlimited data start at $35 per month and will go live on July 20.

For $35, users will get unlimited data and 300 minutes per month. Users can get also get the unlimited data package with 1200 minutes for $45 or unlimited data and unlimited minutes for $55 per month. The company will throttle data use over 2.5 MB.

Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint Nextel, which is now the only national mobile carrier with an unlimited, non-throttled data plan after Verizon discontinued its all-you-can-eat plan earlier this month.

The company also announced that it will be offering the Motorola Triumph Android-based phone on its contract-free network starting July 20.

The new plans differ from the company’s current unlimited data plans, adding $10 to the lowest-end plan and shaving $5 off the unlimited talk and data offering. Existing Beyond Talk customers will be able to keep their plans as long as their accounts do not expire and may upgrade to new devices without additional costs.

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