After 171 days of virtual silence, Libya is back online.

As my Post colleagues Melissa Bell and Elizabeth Flock reported in their live blog of Libya developments, Twitter streams from Libyan citizens that had gone quiet roared back to life over the weekend.

On Twitter, many celebrated the digital return of their Libyan friends.

I remember that day in early March when so many of my Tripoli contacts vanished when the Internet was shut down. Welcome back. #libyaMon Aug 22 01:27:54 via TweetDeckAndy Carvin

IT company Renesys is cataloging the country's Internet status, and access went up and down several times over the weekend, causing some confusion about what — exactly — is happening in Tripoli.

According to Renesys, which monitors Web traffic across the globe, the Internet connection in Tripoli was moving in bursts, as local Internet came back up only to be shut down at the national level. Shortly after that, national routes went back up, but local connections were down. Then, the Web site for Libya Telecom and Technology Web site went back online, reportedly reading, “Congratulations, Libya, on emancipation from the rule of the tyrant.”

As of time of writing, reports vary about the stability of the Internet in Libya.

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