Analyst reports say the iPad 2 may have sold between 500,000 and a million units in its first weekend, obliterating the sales of the first-generation Apple tablet from a year ago.

Who could take on such a behemoth? Buzz has been building that an Android- or Linux-powered tablet from Amazon, is the only chance to wrest the market away from Apple in 2011. In a March 10 blog post picking up steam in the wake Apple’s huge sales, Forrester Research analyst Sarah Rotman Epps said that Amazon is the only company in a good position to compete with Apple.

That’s not good news for the tons of other tablets vying for a piece of the tablet market such as the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the BlackBerry PlayBook. Epps said that the competition is too expensive and can’t ever match the selling power of the Apple Store, which the company can use to push merchandise in addition to distributing gadgets through major retailers.

It seems likely that Amazon would team up with Android, especially as the online retailer is launching its own Android store, which just landed exclusive rights to the Angry Birds Rio game.

Would a tablet from Amazon make you think twice about and Apple device?

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