A network issue at Wordpress, the blogging structure that provides the backbone for many popular sites, suffered some slowdowns on Sunday and Monday, causing several of its clients to complain.

Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal’s tech site, All Things Digital, said that a network problem at Wordpress was causing slowdowns for their site and others. Several users on the company’s support forums reported that they were having trouble doing everything from uploading new posts to filtering comments.

a network issue at wordpress is causing site slowdowns or worse at ATD and other sites too. hopefully, it will get resolved asap.Mon Aug 01 17:48:48 via Tweetie for MacKara Swisher

A staff member on the company’s support forums addressing issues on July 31 did say that the network had suffered a 10-minute outage. Employees responding to problems on user forums said that the site was not hit with an attack. Users have been wary of any Wordpress outages since the site was hit with a distributed denial-of-service attack in March, and many have been more wary of outages since a recent spate of high-profile hacks have taken down other Web sites such as Minecraft and Mastercard, as well as the sites of government contractors, the U.S. Senate and PBS.

On its Twitter feed, Wordpress did not explain what caused the outage but did say that operations should be returning to normal “soon.”

WordPress.com should be returning to normal for you shortly if it hasn’t already.Sun Jul 31 20:29:20 via CoTweetWordPress.com

Wordpress did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the cause of the outage.

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