The Xperia Play has a slideout PlayStation control board and 60-frame-per-second playback. (Bloomberg)

Early reviews say the phone is solid but that its survival depends entirely on its future software releases. It will be interesting to see how Sony and Android develop games for the device, which is half smartphone and half handheld.

Games for the Xperia Play include Assassin’s Creed Alatair’s Chronicles, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Worms and PlayStation original game Crash Bandicoot.

Sony is already reaching out to Android developers who want to make games for the phone, though only through official channels.

The handset is an Android smartphone (Gingerbread) with a four-inch screen. On the product blog, Sony clarified conflicting reports about the handset’s memory — it has 512 MB of RAM with 400 MB of internal storage.

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