Yahoo Mail’s outage led some users to say they were switching to Gmail. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

According to Twitter chatter, several users were experiencing problems with their accounts. Users were told their IDs didn’t exist, that their passwords were invalid and seemed to have other problems while trying to log into the site.

The issue has since been revolved, according to a Twitter message from the company’s customer care department. However, those still having problems logging in are being asked not to reset their passwords.

The issue has been resolved, but we recommend that any customers who are still unable to sign in please not (cont) Aug 03 18:13:45 via TwitLonger BetaYahoo! Customer Care

Several of the tweets during the outage indicated that Yahoo mail users were seriously considering switching to Gmail, playing directly into the hands of Google’s recent and very smarmy “e-mail intervention” campaign. Of course, Microsoft is also waging its own e-mail war against Google, according to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley.

What e-mail service do you use and why?

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