The interactivity portion of the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Tex., ended yesterday. Here’s a rundown of some federal-related items discussed so far at the tech conference:

Incoming chief technology officer Todd Park said he wanted to inculcate a start-up mentality in the government IT workforce.

“It turns out that in the federal government, there are a lot of innovators,” Park said.


On March 12, former vice president Al Gore said, “Our democracy has been hacked.” Gore called on citizens to use technology to improve government and suggested that online communities form “digital flash mobs calling out the truth” and “a government square that holds people accountable.”

Also on March 12, a panel discussed the role the government plays in privacy protection. Berin Szoka, president of the non-partisan think tank TechFreedom, said the government should use existing laws to provide privacy protections.

Festivities related to film and music continue through March 18.