Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry has told agency leaders to submit strategic plans for increasing workplace diversity by Friday.


In a March 1 memo to top federal personnel managers, Berry said the plans should “identify employment barriers and capture strategies to eradicate those barriers. In addition, where underrepresentation exists within your workforce, the plan should include appropriate strategies for addressing it.”

His memo flows from an executive order President Obama signed last August “to promote the Federal workplace as a model of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion.”

Berry said the plans should consider “Government-wide initiatives for responding to the underrepresentation of people with disabilities and Hispanics in the Federal workforce.” 

Diversity, however, goes beyond race, ethnicity, sex and disability status, according to the memo.

“Because Diversity and Inclusion is a critical business imperative that cultivates a high performing organization,” Berry wrote, “the Federal government must capitalize on the value of diversity of thought and perspective as well.”

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