Education Secretary Arne Duncan is “extraordinarily angry” at the news of child-abuse allegations against former Penn State University football defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky and the accusations that school officials failed to report the alleged abuse.

If the allegations prove true, it is “mind boggling” that it was allowed to go on for so long, Duncan told the Associated Press in an interview Monday (see the video above or here). Duncan added that educators have an “absolute moral, ethical and legal responsibility” to protect kids.

“If a blind eye was turned towards it, or if the allegations were somewhat buried or not taken seriously, well, you’re actually perpetuating the problem,” Duncan said. “You’re giving the abuser more opportunities to hurt more kids. I just can’t fathom that.”

Duncan said it is too early in the investigation to know whether the Education Department would become involved with the case at Penn State, but noted that department officials have been working on efforts to prevent sexual violence on college campuses.

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