President Obama? Check. Cabinet secretaries? Check. Charlie Sheen ? Yup, he came here too.

The embattled “Two and a Half Men” star flew in to this tornado-ravaged city Monday to thank the mayor, local volunteers and Federal Emergency Management Agency personnel. He also vowed to hold a fundraiser starring his Hollywood friends to benefit survivors.

“I wanted to see it for myself,” Sheen told reporters Monday after touring the devastation. After a show Sunday night in Denver (part of his multi-city tour), Sheen said he decided to fly to Alabama at the urging of fans who contacted him via Twitter.

“I’m here to bring the focus of the world down,” he said. “I’m on a bit of a recon mission and then we’re going to plan a fundraiser and come back in full force.”

“I’m hopeful that I can do whatever I can to lend support, compassion and hope,” he said, according to audio captured by Birmingham’s WJOX Radio.

(The Eye didn't witness Sheen’s visit, but it was confirmed to him by FEMA personnel; they heard about it from colleagues who met the actor.)

Sheen told reporters that the fundraiser may involve a charitable baseball game or “multimedia show” involving musicians and comedians at the nearby University of Alabama.

“We’re just going to ask them to drop everything and get down here,” Sheen said.

Talk show host Paul Finebaum , who played an audio clip of Sheen’s comments on his afternoon show, marveled at the actor’s appearance.

“Are you going to let Charlie Sheen plan a fundraiser?” Finebaum asked his listeners. “How bizarre is that.”

Finebaum noted that the Rev. Jesse Jackson had also visited storm victims in Birmingham’s Pratt City neighborhood.

“Maybe we can get Jesse and Charlie on together and have them plan a fundraiser,” he said.

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