Duke Blue Devils guard Nolan Smith, center, shoots over the Michigan Wolverines during their third round NCAA men's basketball game in Charlotte, N.C. in March. (CHRIS KEANE/REUTERS)

They’re just participating in College Colors Day at the urging of the Senate Sergeant at Arms Office.

SAA workers on Thursday received an e-mail encouraging them to don their collegiate colors in celebration of the last casual Friday of the congressional summer recess.

“Wear your apparel representing your alma mater, your child’s school, or your favorite school to work on Friday!” read the office-wide e-mail.

College Colors Days is one of those fabricated holidays designed to gin up business for sports apparel companies ahead of the fall college sports season. The hope is that customers will head out to stores to buy their school’s apparel.

The Eye — a cost-conscious, fun-loving guy always willing to participate in a good holiday — plans to just wear a red, white and blue tie in solidarity with his school, American University.

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