A portion of a granite railing on the roof on the U.S. Treasury building dislodged and fell either immediately after Tuesday’s earthquake or after an aftershock early Thursday, the Treasury Department said Friday.

“Since this damage wasn’t apparent during the initial inspection of the building, we believe it likely took place during an aftershock that occurred early Thursday morning,” Assistant Treasury Secretary Dan Tangherlini blogged Friday.

(Seems Tangherlini means to say that the Treasury Department didn’t thoroughly inspect the building for damage, y’think?)

The U.S. Secret Service, which protects the Treasury building, closed the sidewalk along 15th Street NW on Friday as a precaution. Tangherlini did not say how long it might take to repair the roof.

The Treasury Building — next to the White House — is the third-oldest federal building after the U.S. Capitol and the presidential residence. Paint and plaster dislodged and fell to the ground at the Capitol and White House during Tuesday’s quake.

Several other federal buildings closed Wednesday for inspections, but haven’t reported significant quake damage.

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