The 28th Public Service Recognition Week is almost in the books.

The week is supposed to be filled with events acknowledging these workers, and educating the public on all that they do. It’s exciting stuff, right? Well, according to some federal workers, not so much.

The Federal Eye and GovLoop teamed up for this week’s Federal Buzz to ask whether federal workers get excited about PSRW and whether or not they feel that it makes a difference in public perception of federal workers.

Here’s how they responded

Matthew Johnson, deputy for management affairs, U.S. Mission Nigeria, resident at Embassy Abuja:

Last Friday at the State Department, Foreign Service Day was held. The American Foreign Service Association is the master of ceremonies at this annual event, in the south (“Flag”) lobby of the department.

One Foreign Service career staff person, who passed away at an overseas post in December 2010 from a tropical disease, was the center of the recognition — it has been a fairly bloodless 18 months.

Her name went up on the stone tablet bearing the names of those who have died while on active service beyond the oceans.

Veterans Affairs employee:

As far as public perception, I think that it’s just going to be received by the public as just another pat on the back for a bunch of spoiled feds instead of what it should be: a sincere thank-you for a job well done for . . . federal employees nationwide. Maybe I should be glad it’s low-key so I don’t have to listen to a bunch of people complain about us again.

Craig O’Brien, Consumer Product Safety Commission:

Not at all, unless you count me bringing in donuts today

Erin Duggins, senior adviser, United States Agency for International Development:

Unfortunately, I don’t even think that PSRW hit many agencies’ radar screens.

Marian Henderson, management analyst II, Nevada Department of Taxation :

“We’ve had food every day this week, along with theme days for dressing up. I work for a state agency, and we do more than most other agencies in the state. Our execs bought pizza and cake yesterday & handed out certificates of appreciation.

A nice gesture, but again, “Yawn.”

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